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Prop 129 would limit ballot measures to one subject

Proposition 129
Samantha Chow
Cronkite News
Proposition 129 would limit ballot initiatives to a single subject, which supporters says would clarify issues for voters. But critics say it – together with propositions 128 and 130 – would merely increase lawmakers’s power at voters’ expense

A proposition on the ballot would limit ballot measures to just one subject.

Supporters say Proposition 129 would make the process more accessible for voters as it would simplify what could otherwise be complicated, multifaceted issues.

However, Cronkite News reports that critics see it as another attempt to increase the Legislature’s power at the expense of voters this fall.

Democratic state Rep. Reginald Bolding Jr. told the publication the proposition is a reaction by state Republicans to recent progressive successes at the ballot box, including measures to raise the minimum wage, tax high earners and legalize medical and recreational marijuana.

If passed, Arizona would join 16 other states with single-subject rules, like California, Nevada and Florida. Election Day is next Tuesday.