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Federal funds to go toward restoring ungulate migration routes in northern Arizona

Pronghorn stands in front of a wire fence in a grassland
Arthur Gonzales
Kaibab National Forest
American pronghorn

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has been awarded $800,000 in federal grants to restore critical migration routes for mule deer and other native ungulates.

The department will receive funds for a project on the Kaibab Plateau to mechanically remove invasive conifers and restore 1,100 acres of winter range for mule deer.

A half-million dollars will go to another project to remove woody invasive species from 4,000 acres of pronghorn migration areas and grasslands, reduce erosion and facilitate prescribed fire.

It’s part of a federal program to improve migration corridors across 11 western states that suffer from habitat fragmentation causing poor health and reproductive success of herds.