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Grand Canyon gets funds to protect native species

The Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park.
B. Healy
NPS Photo
The Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon National Park will get more than a quarter-million dollars to remove invasive species and protect native species of fish in the Colorado River.

The funds come from the Inflation Reduction Act and are part of a nationwide effort to restore natural habitats and address climate change impacts. 

Lake Powell, a key Colorado River reservoir, dropped to historically low levels last year due to climate change and drought. This created viable breeding conditions and easier passage through Glen Canyon Dam for high-risk invasive species like smallmouth bass and green sunfish.

Park officials note that the Colorado River remains dominated by native fish species, but a failure to act could lead to a takeover by invasive populations.

Fish biologists continue to work to remove the species through efforts like chemical treatment, electrofishing and netting with the aid of funding from the Inflation Reduction Act.