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BLM proposes western Arizona wild burro management plan

(U.S. Bureau of Land Management via AP, File)

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has proposed a 10-year plan to manage wild burros in an area south of Kingman.

Officials want to reduce the animal’s population in the area known as the Three Rivers Complex.

The herd has grown to an estimated 2,300 animals, which is about four times the appropriate level.

Since they have very few natural predators the herds can double in size every four to five years.

Officials say that’s negatively impacting wildlife habitat, local communities and roadways.

The agency’s plan would use fertility controls, sex ratio adjustments and periodic removal and, according to officials, would prioritize humane treatment of the animals.

Burros that are removed would be put up for adoption. Public commenton the plan will be accepted until Oct. 11.