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Flagstaff receives $1 million grant for Climate Resilience Hubs

Downtown Flagstaff
Downtown Flagstaff

Flagstaff is set to receive a million dollars for climate change adaptation efforts.

The money will be used to support three new community-led resilience hubs that work to increase emergency preparedness through safe heating, cooling and clean-air centers.

City officials say the hubs will be managed by a separate local organization and serve a distinct part of the community. The Southside Resilience Hub will be located at the Murdoch Community Center and managed by the Southside Community Association, while the Sunnyside Resilience Hub will be managed by the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association at the Market of Dreams. A mobile hub will be run by the Community Assistance Teams of Flagstaff.

The funding comes from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Justice Government-to-Government program, which aims to achieve environmental and public health results in communities that have historically suffered from underinvestment to ensure access to clean air, water and climate resilience.