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Hopi Tribe Formally Opposes Little Colorado Resort And Tramway Project

Over the weekend, the Hopi Tribal Council unanimously agreed to approve a resolution formally opposing the development of the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade project. Tribal officials say the area in which the development is planned is an ancient sacred site where modern Hopis continue to go to leave prayer offerings. Hopi Vice Chairman Herman Honanie says the location is "unacceptable to Hopi religious leaders, practitioners and the Hopi people". He says the Hopi tribe has original title and use of the area. The company behind the proposal is being represented by Albert Hale, former Navao Nation president, and supported by current President Ben Shelly. The project would include a river walk and restaurant at the bottom of the Canyon where the Little Colorado River meets the mainstem Colorado. The plan also includes a luxury resort, spa and tram station along the northeast rim of the Canyon.

Gillian Ferris was the News Director and Managing Editor for KNAU.