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U.S. Judo Athlete Delpopolo Disqualified Over Failed Drug Test

American judo athlete Nick Delpopolo has been disqualified from the London 2012 Games after failing a drug test, according to the International Olympic Committee. The 23-year-old Delpopolo tested positive for the substance THC, found in marijuana.

Delpopolo finished seventh in the 73 kg — or 160.5 pound — judo event. After the competition, his urine sample showed the presence of THC, a prohibited substance in Olympic sport.

In a statement, Delpopolo says he inadvertently ate food that he didn't realize had been baked with marijuana. He says he ate it before he left for the Olympics. Delpopolo apologized, and said that he's embarrassed by the mistake.

The U.S. Olympic Committee says it supports the disqualification and that "we look forward to witnessing the continued success of our athletes and commend their dedication to clean sport."

Delpopolo promised to work hard and return to another Olympics in the future.

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