Ann Kirkpatrick Announces 2016 U.S. Senate Bid

May 26, 2015

Democratic Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick has announced she’s running for U.S. Senate in 2016. As Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, she’s taking aim at the seat held by Republican John McCain for nearly three decades.

Three-term congresswoman for Arizona's First District Ann Kirkpatrick.
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Kirkpatrick’s announcement means she will not run for reelection in 2016 to represent Arizona’s First Congressional District. The Democrat was elected to her third House term last year and says as a senator she’ll be able to represent the entire state in Congress.

“I’ve lived my whole life in Arizona and it’s clear that our state’s changing. I think Arizona voters are ready for a choice in the next election and I’ve fought for Arizona and delivered results, and I’m ready to run on that record,” Kirkpatrick says.

Kirkpatrick was born and raised in eastern Arizona on the White Mountain Apache Nation. Seen by many as a moderate Democrat, she has focused on Native American and veteran’s issues, as well as forest health initiatives and the economy.

“I’ve seen Arizona go through too many boom-and-bust cycles, and my vision is a strong, diverse, stable economy. It’s all about jobs and I believe I can make that happen better by being in the U.S. Senate,” Kirkpatrick says.

Last month Republican incumbent John McCain announced he’ll run for reelection, but the five-term Republican Senator will most likely face primary challenges from the conservative wing of his own party.