DeWit Urges Lawmakers to Revise School Funding Deal

Oct 28, 2015

Republican state Treasurer Jeff DeWit is urging Arizona lawmakers to revise a deal that would settle a school funding lawsuit.

Republican Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWit
Credit Michael Schennum/The Republic

DeWit said in an email to lawmakers Tuesday evening that the agreement hammered out between Republican lawmakers, schools and Gov. Doug Ducey puts the principal of the state's permanent land trust at risk. If it is adopted without changes he warns it will be tied up in court for years and keep schools from getting additional cash.

DeWit says withdrawals should be lowered to keep the trust intact. His email came as Ducey prepares to call the Legislature into a special session to vote on the deal.

The plan would funnel $3.5 billion to K-12 schools over 10 years. About $2 billion comes from increasing land trust withdrawals.