Employer sanctions legal battle takes a turn

Phoenix, AZ – Host intro:

The legal fight over the new employer sanctions law is
taking a new turn. Arizona Public Radio's Howard
Fischer explains.

On Friday a federal judge threw out a challenge to the
statute that makes it illegal to knowingly hire
undocumented workers. Neil Wake said there was no
evidence any of the business groups which want the law
declared unconstitutional or any of their members are
at risk of actually being prosecuted. So the new
version of the lawsuit contains a claim by attorney
Julie Pace that one employer actually has been
personally threatened with prosecution, a move designed
to ensure there is standing to sue. Pace also said that
threat came from none other than Maricopa County
Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The sheriff said any threats he
made -- if they could be considered that -- were not

(The only thing I've been doing on a couple of
speeches, which I average two a day, when I talk about
my illegal immigration I also says that be careful when
the new law takes effect. Make sure you comply. I don't
recall ever telling one business that I'm going to go
after them.)

Pace won't reveal the name of the business owner,
saying there have been death threats against those who
are challenging the law. But the attorney said she will
make the name and the specifics available to Judge Mary
Murguia, who is handling the new case. Murguia has not
yet scheduled a hearing on the issue.

For Arizona Public Radio, this is Howard Fischer.