House votes to loosen gun law

Phoenix, AZ – The state House voted Monday to let people pull out their guns --
and even point them at someone else -- when they feel threatened.
Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer reports.

Current law allows individuals to use deadly physical force to
protect themselves or others from deadly attacks. And they can
threaten to use such force -- but not actually use it -- to get
trespassers off their property. Rep. Russell Pearce said this
measure allows those who feel intimidated to unholster their guns
to show they are armed without fearing arrest.

(They just trying to say leave me alone. That's all it does. This
protects the good guy. This does not expand any protection for
anybody that has culpability or intent to do bad.)

But Rep. Steve Gallardo said the latest version of the bill also
says someone in that position actually can point the gun and even
fire it if -- quote -- otherwise justified. He feared what would
happen to what started out as a shoving match.

(You now show that you have a gun. You're showing me that I have
a gun. Under this new amendment, by now having the new language,
I'm able now to say Whoa, wait a minute, Howie's threatening me.
I can pull out a gun and point it to you.)

Gallardo said that turns was otherwise might have been a
fistfight into a gunfight. The measure will go to the Senate
after a final House vote.

For Arizona Public Radio, this is Howard