NAU Could See 3 Percent Tuition Increase Due to State Budget Cuts

Apr 11, 2015

The presidents of Arizona's three state universities are proposing to increase revenues through tuition or fee increases in the coming school year to make up for part of a $99 million cut in state funding.


Credit NAU

The University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University are proposing 3 percent increases in tuition for incoming freshman. Students currently enrolled on guaranteed tuition plans would see no increase.

Arizona State University is taking a different approach and will charge all new and existing in-state students a one-time $320 surcharge for the 2015-2016 school year while keeping tuition flat. That also equates to about a 3 percent hike.

The proposals released Friday are the first move in a multi-step process leading up to a May decision by the Board of Regents on tuition and fees.