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ADOT revenues down

Phoenix, AZ – The state department of transportation relies largely on two
sources of revenue for its operations: Gasoline taxes and vehicle
license fees. But ADOT's Doug Nintzel said the economy has
resulted in people driving less. New car sales are down,
shrinking vehicle registration fees. And the cars Arizonans are
buying and driving are more fuel efficient. He said a dozen MVD
offices where people can get licensed to drive and register their
vehicles will be shuttered, at least for the time being. Which
will be closed is yet to be determined.

(We've undertaken a review of facility and security issues, of
proximity to other MVD locations, and even the availability of
third-party enterprises. Those are businesses that actually
dispense MVD services as well.)

What already has been decided is that ADOT is closing 13 of its
18 rest areas around the state, including four on I-10, three on
I-40 and one each on Interstates 8, 17 and 19. But Nintzel said
his agency is trying to partner with nearby businesses to let
travelers stop and use the rest rooms free of charge. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.