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Medical Marijuana Backers Submit Petition to Put Questions to Voters

Phoenix, AZ – The measure would let patients with doctor certification get up
to 2 1/2 ounches of marijuana every two weeks, whether from a
non-profit dispensary or growing their own. Dr. Sue Sisley, a
Scottsdale doctor who specializes in psychiatry and internal
medicine, supports the plan.

(It is vitally important that seriously and terminally ill
patients have legal access to safe and effective means of
treating their illness. The potential benefits from medical
marijuana greatly outweigh the risks.)

The proposal picked up its first high-profile foe. Gov. Jan
Brewer said she has always opposed anything to loosen the legal
restrictions on marijuana.

(Because I've always believed that it was truly a gateway to
drugs, and that with modern medicine, modern science can develop
drugs that are just as strong and pain relieving as marijuana.)

But Heather Torgerson, a brain cancer survivor, said her own
experience using medical marijuana during her chemotherapy
treatment proves otherwise. If there are enough valid signatures
the measure will appear on the November ballot. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.