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Governor Wants to Scrap State Commerce Department

Phoenix, AZ – The plan is to create what Brewer calls a quasi-public authority
with a board of directors headed by the governor but otherwise
composed of CEOs and other business and education leaders. Brewer
said one problem with the agency now is it's headed by political
appointees. The result has been seven directors in the last
decade. Don Cardon, who took over the commerce department last
June, was more blunt in his assessment.

(Commerce was, not a reflection of the individual employees or
anything, but institutionally, over many, many years, it really
developed a reputation of being somewhat of a quagmire of
political placement of employees and favors.)

Brewer said that's going to change.

(We're going to hire a CEO to lead this new economic development
authority. And we're going to give him a contract. We must invest
in leadership necessary to advance.)

And the governor said the new authority will send a message to
other states: Look out.

(We're coming after your companies that want a better place to
live, a better operating environment, a better place to grow and
one that is stable, predictable and reliable.)

The plan needs legislative approval before the change can take
place. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.