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Munger's Drops Out of Gubernatorial Race

Phoenix, AZ – John Munger was one of three Republicans running who were not
using public funds for their campaign. And Munger said he was
prepared to deal with the fact that Jan Brewer and Dean Martin
would get $707,000 in public financing. What he was not prepared
for was the fact the Buz Mills has so far put $1.8 million of his
own cash into the race -- and that the U.S. Supreme Court today
refused to void the the law giving Brewer and Martin a dollar-
for-dollar match, leaving him the odd man out with just about
$325,000 in his account.

(In this case it has left a traditionally funded candidate who
was raising money the traditional manner the grossly underfunded
candidate in the campaign. How the state can justify that is
frankly beyond me.)

That Supreme Court decision may not be the last word, as the
justices gave public financing foes another chance to seek their
intervention. But Munger said any move now by the high court is
just too late. Funding is only part of Munger's problem. A recent
Rasmussen Reports survey showed the former president of the
Arizona Board of Regents running fourth among Republicans, the
choice of just 3 percent of likely registered GOP voters. Brewer
led the pack at 45 percent, with Martin and Mills at 18 percent.
For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.