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States Strike Back over New Health Care Law

Phoenix, AZ – 20 states including Arizona are challenging the right of Congress
and the Obama administration to set up a new national health care
plan. One key issue is whether the government has the right to
require that individuals obtain health insurance or face a fine.
The Department of Justice is trying to have the lawsuit tossed,
saying states have no legal standing to challenge that mandate.
But the states, in their response, say they have the right to
protect their residents. Gov. Jan Brewer, who joined the lawsuit
for Arizona, agrees.

(I believe that the federal government has overreached their
rights into the states and have not abided to the sovereignty of
the states.)

A separate issue is that states must continue funding their
current Medicaid programs out of their own pockets to be eligible
for the more generous federal program that does not kick in for

(It will cost the taxpayers of Arizona another $11 billion over
the next decade. I don't believe we can afford that. We certainly
at this present time are not able to even sustain what services
that we do provide.)

It will be up to a federal judge in Florida to determine whether
the challenge by the states and the National Federation of
Independent Business can proceed. For Arizona Public Radio this
is Howard Fischer.