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State Officials Say They Are Working to Protect Consumers at Gas Pumps

Phoenix, AZ – The Department of Weights and Measures is working to teach police
and private security personnel about skimmers. These are
unahtorized electronic devices which can read the information
from credit and debit cards that gasoline customers insert into
the pump. Agency director Kevin Tyne said that information then
can be used by thieves to make purchases.

(You have criminal elements that can pull up to a device and add
these kinds of technologies to the device and what we need to do
is be more vigilant in protecting of consumers. And we intend to
do that.)

Tyne said thieves manage to obtain keys letting them install the
devices inside the pumps, out of sight. That leaves the question
of how a customer can keep from getting a card skimmed.

(Unless the consumer can see the dispenser may have been tampered
with or something of that nature, the best thing that a consumer
can do is be watching their credit card statements and making
sure that they are cognizant of their amounts in their accounts.)

One chain -- QuikTrip -- uses special tape to make it evident to
consumer that a pump has been opened and tampered with. But
Brewer press aide Paul Senseman said his boss wants input from
the industry and law enforcement before deciding whether to make
that a state mandate. For Arizona public Radio this is Howard