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Snowflake Legislator Moving to Assert Control Over Greenhouse Gases

Phoenix, AZ – The move comes as the U-S Environmental Protection Agency is
pushing ahead with rules to regulate carbon dioxide and other
greenhouse gas emissions. Sen. Sylvia Allen said she does not
think the federal government has any business telling Arizona
what it can do.

(I believe it's a state rights issue because the state is closer
to these industries and to these people. And if the state feels
they need to regulate that, so be it. But the federal government
should not come in here wanting and demanding things that will
put our coal companies out of business, put our mines out of
business, affect everything that we're doing.)

But Allen also does not believe the state should be regulating
greenhouse gases either, saying any data suggesting a link
between the emissions and climate change was tampered with and
flawed as part of a scheme to move the nation away from fossil

(And yet coal-generated energy is clean. I mean, they've taken
out all the stuff that's bad. So what's left in coal energy?
Well, CO-2. Yet CO-2 is needed on this earth. I mean, we breathe
it out as you and I are sitting here talking. It comes out of our
mouth. The trees absorb it.)

One of Allen's two bills to tell the feds to keep out is set for
hearing this coming Monday. For Arizona Public Radio this is
Howard Fischer.