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State Lawmaker Aims to Stop Interstate 11

A Sierra Vista lawmaker wants to block construction of a highway he says could lead to the loss of national sovereignty. 

The issue arose during a debate over laws governing how Arizona can enter into partnerships with private companies to build toll roads. Rep. David Stevens said he's all for the concept. But he told colleagues during floor debate his concern is any effort to build Interstate 11, a highway that would run all the way from Nogales to Canada. Most of the roads already are in place. The missing link is a segment from Phoenix to Las Vegas.

"I do not support this effort," said Stevems. "There are people that want to try to make North America one country. You may have heard the term Amero. The Euro is failing miserably. I am a member of the United States of America. I do not want to be a member of the North American country."

But Stevens found himself in the minority, not just on this bill but a separate measure also approved by the House urging the U.S. Department of Transportation to designate the U.S. 93 corridor -- the current two-lane road between Phoenix and Las Vegas -- as the site for a future interstate highway. House Speaker Andy Tobin said Stevens is off base and the highway will be good for business.

"The very next best possibility for Arizona for an Interstate is 93," the Speaker said. "And it's not a bridge to Acapulco or anything like that."