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Same Sex Marriage Poll

A new poll suggests that if voters were asked about it now, gay couples in the state would be allowed to wed. Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer reports.

The poll conducted last month by Behavior Research Center found 55% of the 700 adult heads of household questioned saying they favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed. Another 35% were opposed with the balance unsure. Pollster Jim Haynes said he found support across most groups. Even among those 55 and older, there was a small plurality who said they would agree. Only those who identified themselves as conservatives, Republicans or non-Latino minorities were clearly opposed.

But Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy, said the results are unreliable. "Everywhere you turn there's a media article or a media story in favor of same-sex marriage and proclaiming that our country is turning in favor of same-sex marriage," Herrod said. "The Supreme Court arguments in March featured numerous articles about why same-sex people should be allowed to marry."

But Jim Haynes said the face there is news about states allowing gays to wed misses the whole point of surveys. "Certainly, people are influenced by things they hear by news events", Haynes said. "I mean, look at the polls on gun control after the deal in Connecticut. Those kinds do drive people one way or the other."

And Haynes said polls are simply a snapshot in time of what people are thinking.