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Ducey Attempting to Block Brewer Cash Destined for Opponent

David Wallace/The Republic

Doug Ducey didn’t get Jan Brewer’s endorsement for governor. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports he is now trying to keep the governor from spending her political funds to help elect Scott Smith.

Ducey publicist Melissa DeLaney noted Brewer has said she will use money from her own political action committee to help get Smith elected. But, DeLaney said the governor cannot do that.

“Agents for the Smith campaign lobbied her on that endorsement, talking about polling information, talking about where they needed her help, maybe geographic areas where they needed her help prior to that. That gave her information about that campaign and that candidate’s plans moving forward,” DeLaney said.

What all that means, DeLaney said, is if Brewer does spend money to help Smith, those expenses would not be truly independent as required by state law. But, Brewer was not rattled by the effort to keep her PAC out of the fray.

“Oh, please. Please. Please. Please. Please. It’s absolutely all speculation. And the bottom line is that we’re fully aware of all the legal requirements and we’re abiding with them. And we aren’t coordinating with any candidates,” Brewer said.

The governor also said this is a case of sour grapes since Ducey himself met with her more than once to solicit her blessing — and even shared his own campaign strategy with her.

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