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Carmona, Flake Debate What's Broken in Washington

In their last debate before the election, Senate candidates, Republican Jeff Flake and Democrat Rich Carmona agreed Congress is broken.

But they disagreed on how to fix it.

The recurrent theme in Thursday’s debate sponsored by KAWC in Yuma, was the dysfunctional Congress.

Democrat Rich Carmona is trying to appeal to the state’s independent voters by blaming Democrats and Republicans.

He says the career politicians voting along party lines are what’s responsible for the gridlock.

And he likes to point out that his opponent Republican Representative Jeff Flake has been part of the problem for 12 years.

“Yeah, the Congressman talks about his bipartisanship, but the fact is that’s not true, he votes with his party more than Michele Bachman does," Carmona said.

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachman is an activist in the conservative Tea Party movement.

Flake complained that Senate Democrats were holding up the work of the Republican controlled House of Representatives.

He also said it was important to compromise, but to stand up for what you believe in.

“You’ve got to have a position on these issues and advocate for them and go to Washington standing for something, because if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything Harry Reid puts on your lap," Flake said in his closing statements.

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid is   one of the democrats that republicans love to target.

The race between Flake and Carmona appears to be neck and neck coming down to the wire.

And it’s attracted a great deal of national attention as democrats hope to solidify their majority in the Senate.

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