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Navajo Officials Reach Out to Tribal Voters After Election Day Ballot Shortage

Farmington Daily Times/File

A ballot shortage on the Navajo Nation during last week’s election prevented some tribal members from voting. Now, officials are allowing some who were turned away to recast their ballots. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports.

Tribal members at some polling sites who were unable to vote were asked to leave their names and contact information with election workers. Officials are reaching out to them to arrange for voting at one of five Agency election offices on the vast reservation.

According to a spokesperson for the Navajo Council Speaker’s Office, it’s still unclear how many voters were affected. What’s also unknown is how many were unable to cast ballots on Election Day and didn’t leave their information. Officials say no plan is in place to allow those tribal members to vote.

Those who are contacted can cast ballots through Wed, Nov. 21 and should call the Navajo Election Administration for more information.

Vice President Jonathan Nez beat Joe Shirley Junior by a wide margin in the presidential race, and any new ballots aren’t expected to change the outcome. But the additional votes could determine several close Council elections.


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