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Nearly Half Of Navajo Nation Police Academy Recruits Test Positive For COVID-19

The Navajo Police Training Academy has suspended activities after nearly half of its current recruits tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week.

The academy resumed training in June after a three-month hiatus because of the disease’s rapid spread on the Navajo Nation.

“This disease has embedded its existence within our community, in the homes of our people, and within our department. The reality is we are all trying to face this global challenge by learning a new way of life while balancing safety and the public’s need.” Chief Francisco said in a statement. “We put in place all the precautionary measures but this disease is unpredictable and we are assessing our current procedures and plans to build a stronger foundation.”

As part of the reopening, this year’s 16 recruits were required to test regularly, and seven positive tests came back during the fifth round of testing. They, along with some academy staff, will be required to quarantine. Officials are considering alternative teaching sites for the police academy class.

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