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Navajo Nation Reports A Dozen New Known COVID-19 Infections


Navajo Nation health officials are reporting a dozen new coronavirus infections and no recent deaths.

It comes a day after the tribe reported no new known cases for the first time since March. Spread of the virus on the reservation has declined in recent months as the tribe has put strict lockdowns and other safety measures in place. Navajo President Jonathan Nez says the tribe’s daily number of positive cases will fluctuate until a COVID vaccine is available and urges residents to continue to physically distance.

"Today’s slight increase in cases shouldn’t discourage our Navajo people, as long as we continue to listen and practice the safety measures recommended by our health care experts," he says. "It’s due to the advice and recommendations of our health care experts that we’ve managed to drastically reduce the number of new cases here on the Navajo Nation, so we have to continue to comply with their advice."

The Navajo Nation will begin another 32-hour weekend lockdown Saturday.

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