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Sedona voters will decide on 'safe' parking for workers living in cars

The amphitheater and surrounding area at Sedona Cultural Park.
Save Sedona Cultural Park
The amphitheater and surrounding area at Sedona Cultural Park.

Sedona voters will decide the fate of a controversial program that would allow workers to sleep in their cars in the parking lot of the Sedona Cultural Park.

The Sedona City Council approved the Safe Place to Park program in March. Councilmembers described it as a "last resort" as the city and Verde Valley face an ongoing housing crisis.

The program would only be available to those employed full-time within city limits. It would exclude seasonal workers or those who choose to live in their vehicles voluntarily. Campers will be required to work with local social services with an end goal to secure permanent housing.

However, the initiative faced pushback from some residents. A petition spearheaded by the Save the Cultural Park Committee quickly collected hundreds of signatures supporting a ballot referendum. The successful petition forces a vote on the issue.

Residents will decide whether to reaffirm or reverse the decision in the November election.