Brian Sanders

Program Operations Director, Announcer

It has been suggested that Brian Sanders (not his real name) has remained in radio for over 40 years because he could sleep late, get free records, coffee mugs and tote bags and not have to make a large investment in clothing.  This is only partially true. KNAU’s Operations Manager comes to Arizona Public Radio via KCRW in Santa Monica, California where he was local host of Morning Edition; KUNV, Las Vegas where he was Program Director; KNPR, Las Vegas where he held a variety of positions including Senior Producer.

A talented woodwind player, Sanders has performed with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Bob Hope, Wayne Newton, Joe Williams and many others. In Flagstaff you can see him with the Jack Webb New Orleans Jazz Band, Orchestra Northern Arizona and the classical duo FLUTES!

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Brian Sanders / KNAU

The scene today at the US Naval Observatory in Flagstaff as the planet Venus appears to move across the disc of the sun. Among the dozen or so telescopes set up by amateur astronomers to view the event was the Naval Observatory's 19th century vintage Clark telescope (foreground). This same instrument was used to view earlier Venus Transits in 1874 and 1882 when it helped define the actual distance the Earth is from the Sun.