House Passes Bill Targeting Planned Parenthood

Mar 3, 2016

Credit Photo: Getty Images

The Arizona House has passed a bill Planned Parenthood Arizona says is designed to make it easier to cut it off from Medicaid funding.

House Bill 2599 passed Wednesday on a 35-24 party-line vote without discussion with only Republicans in support. It now heads to the Senate.

The bill allows the state to cut off funding and revoke licenses for providers that fail to segregate taxpayer money from funds used to provide abortions. They also could lose funding if they violated medical waste rules or submitted a claim for procedures associated with an abortion.

Planned Parenthood says Republican Rep. Justin Olson's bill revives elements of a court-blocked 2012 law cutting off non-abortion funding to Planned Parenthood.

Olson says he wants enforcement mechanisms to ensure taxpayers aren't paying for abortions