No Estimate on Reopening U.S. 89 Following Storm Damage

Oct 5, 2018

Crews are repairing a major northern Arizona highway that tourists use to reach the Grand Canyon's North Rim, Lake Powell and southern Utah.

Crews work to fill in a section of U.S. 89 that collapsed Wednesday night during heavy rains near Cameron.
Credit ADOT

A 30-foot section of U.S. 89 collapsed late Wednesday from the remnants of what became a tropical depression.

One person who crossed the section as it was giving way died after being hit by another vehicle. She has been identified as 26-year-old Amelie Fortune from France.

Crews were filling in the washed-out section Friday. A temporary fix is in the works, but the Arizona Department of Transportation says the highway isn't expected to reopen for multiple days.

The highway is closed north of the Cameron Trading Post on the Navajo Nation.

Locals and emergency responders can get around it. But tourists, hunters and others are forced on a more than 100-mile detour.