Search Underway for Children Owed Pecan Harvest Money

May 10, 2017

A federal judge recently ordered a company with ties to a polygamous sect on the Utah-Arizona border to set aside $200,000 to pay back wages to children who prosecutors say were forced to pick pecans.


Now, comes the hard part for the U.S. Department of Labor: Finding the kids who participated in the harvests from 2008-2013.

Federal officials are putting up fliers in southern Utah and launched a blog this week to let people they know have until April 2018 to submit claims.

Paragon lawyers didn't return calls seeking comment Wednesday. They plan to appeal the order and have said the children were glad to get a break from schoolwork to gather nuts.

Former sect member Arnold Richter says he doesn't think current members will come forward because the faith believes the work is done to help others.