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Arizona Lawmakers Introduce Dozens of Bills Before Start of 2016 Session


The Arizona Legislature will begin its 2016 session next week, and lawmakers have already introduced several bills for consideration. Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports.

The more than six-dozen bills address a variety of topics like taxes, education and elections.

One House measure would prohibit Arizona officials from enforcing presidential executive orders, actions of federal agencies, and U.S. Supreme Court decisions not approved by Congress. Another House bill would require county school superintendents to have a degree in business, finance or accounting.

The Senate will consider bills that would reduce class size in public schools, legalize and tax recreational marijuana, and automatically register citizens to vote when they get a license.

More than 1,000 bills are typically introduced by lawmakers each year. But only about 200 reach the governor’s desk. The legislature will meet for its 2016 session in Phoenix Mon. Jan. 11. 

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