Sanctuary City

An Arizona Senate hearing on an effort to enshrine an existing ban on “sanctuary cities” in the state constitution erupted in shouting and immigrant rights activists were removed after calling the proposal racist. 

Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

Republicans in the Arizona Legislature are proposing a ballot referral that would ask voters to insert a ban on “sanctuary city” policies in the state Constitution. 

Tucson Voters Reject Sanctuary City Measure, Elect First Latina Mayor

Nov 6, 2019

Voters in Tucson have overwhelmingly rejected an initiative that would have made Tucson the only sanctuary city in Arizona.

Tucson Voters To Cast Ballots On Sanctuary City Measure

Nov 4, 2019

Tucson is widely credited as the birthplace of the 1980s Sanctuary Movement, an effort by churches to help refugees from Central America and shield them from deportation. Now, voters in Tucson are preparing to vote Tuesday on “Sanctuary City” status in the Old Pueblo.

Members of the Tucson City Council have approved placing a "sanctuary city" measure on the ballot, but not without some pushback.