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Man Faces Charges For Strapping Dynamite To Hummer

The Arizona Department of Public Safety says a man faces charges for strapping dynamite to his car. As Arizona Public Radio’s Aaron Granillo reports, authorities found the man after he crashed in Strawberry.

DPS says Fred Vail , 55, was driving a Hummer when it rolled over on State Route 87 July 11th. That’s when troopers discovered a device attached to the car.

"We called in our explosive detail," said DPS Spokesman Bart Graves. "They arrived on scene and determined the device was seven sticks of dynamite with a live fuse going to the driver’s seat."

Graves said they found another seven sticks that came off the car when it crashed. Vail spent four days being treated at Flagstaff Medical Center, before he was arrested on July 15th, and booked into Gila County Jail.

“We so far have him on charges of endangerment and misconduct involving explosives," said Graves.

While the investigation is ongoing, DPS is not revealing Vail’s possible motives. 

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