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Flagstaff City Council Votes to Oppose Border Wall

David Wallace/The Arizona Republic

A resolution passed this week by the Flagstaff City Council means local leaders won’t invest with any company or contractor associated with President Trump’s proposed border wall. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports.

Though the measure is nonbinding, the council says it represents the city’s values of social and environmental justice. It declares a border wall to be a threat to the city and state economy, as well as to the environment and archaeological and cultural resources near the border.

The council passed the resolution 5 to 2. Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans says a border wall would hurt Arizona’s close cultural and economic connections with Mexico.

The measure allows Flagstaff not to invest with companies that participate in the design, construction or maintenance of a wall. City officials intend to require contractors to disclose any involvement with the Trump administration’s plan.

The cost of the thousand-mile structure could reach $25 billion, according to some recent estimates. 

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