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California Wildfires Could Threaten Mohave County Power Grid

California wildfires are affecting the entire Western electric grid, and could cause some power outages in Arizona’s Mohave County.

County officials are preparing for potential rolling brownouts as the fires rage on. Some major suppliers warn they may not have any electricity to sell.

Zen Mocarski is with Mohave Electric Cooperarive and urges customers to limit their power use, especially during peak hours.

“Some of the things people can do is cook outside instead of on their stove or in the oven," says Mocarski. "Hold off on laundry. Turn off lights and fans, and potentially turn the air conditioner up a few degrees.”

Mocarski says the problems will last for at least the next few days.

Meantime, the Mohave County Emergency Department is ready to open temporary cooling centers in case the power goes out. The area is under an excessive heat warning today. 

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