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Lawsuit Says Without Evidence New Lawmaker Isn't a Citizen


An Arizona woman elected to the state Legislature is facing a lawsuit from an anti-immigrant activist who accuses her of living in the country illegally and, as a result, being unqualified for public office.

The lawsuit makes the accusation against Raquel Teran, a Phoenix Democrat, without evidence.

The Arizona Republic reports it was filed by Alice Novoa the day before the election Tuesday. It's not the first time Novoa, a Republican who has sought elective office unsuccessfully in the past, has made the accusation against Teran.

In 2012, Novoa filed a similar lawsuit against Teran. Court records show it was quickly dismissed after the now-lawmaker-elect provided a copy of her U.S. birth certificate.

Teran called the lawsuit an "attempt to silence me and the community I fight for."

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