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As Federal Shutdown Continues, Grand Canyon Employees Get Help From Around the State

The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon

The longest shutdown in federal government history is causing issues for workers at Grand Canyon National Park. KNAU’s Zac Ziegler reports people from around the state are pitching in to help ease food affordability issues at the canyon.

Food is expensive at the Grand Canyon.

And it’s especially expensive for furloughed park employees who haven’t received a paycheck in weeks.

Michael Scott is the coordinator of the Grand Canyon Food Pantry. He says since the shutdown, his organization has been delivering about 250 pounds of food each day to employees.

“It’s been ramping up. It was a little bit less at the beginning. A lot of food has gone out the doors. I would guess almost two tons has been distributed so far.”

Scott says individuals and organizations ranging from churches and food banks to a local HAM radio association have all made donations, and the park’s concessionaires are helping with refrigerated storage space for perishables.

Employees’ pets are also feeling the strain, with dog and cat food as one of the most-requested items.

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