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Judge To Examine Failure To Disclose Video In Terror Case With Ties To Arizona

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office/via AP

A court hearing next week will examine the FBI's failure to turn over evidence to an Arizona man until three years after he was convicted of providing guns to friends who attacked a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in suburban Dallas.

Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem argues his defense would have been helped by the surveillance footage that was taken outside the apartment shared by his friends who were later killed in the 2015 attack in Garland. The camera didn't capture footage of Kareem.

Kareem's attorneys say it would be expected that a person planning the attack would have been with his friends to answer questions.

In the hearing on Tuesday, Kareem is expected to seek either a new trial or to reverse his convictions and bar prosecutors from refiling charges.

Prosecutors say FBI agents inadvertently overlooked the footage.

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