Republican Bob Thorpe Bows Out Of Arizona Senate Race

Oct 25, 2019

Arizona Republican Rep. Bob Thorpe is dropping his bid for a state Senate seat.

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The Flagstaff lawmaker plans to run instead for the Coconino County Board of Supervisors.

Thorpe is barred by term limits from running for another term in the House. He'd hoped to trade places with Republican Sen. Sylvia Allen, which is common for lawmakers from the same party when one is term-limited. But Allen has declined to run for the House and is looking to hold onto her Senate seat.

Two other Republicans are also seeking the Senate seat.

Thorpe tells the Arizona Capitol Times that running in the hotly contested primary would take resources that should be spent in a general election. Democrats are aggressively targeting the sprawling district in Northern and Eastern Arizona.

Thorpe made the announcement on the Jeff Oravits Show on Flagstaff radio station KBTK in a joint appearance with Coconino County Supervisor Jim Parks. 

Thorpe plans to seek the District 4 seat currently held by Parks. Parks announced during the appearance that he plans to seek a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives in LD 7.

The district is currently represented by Democrats Arlando Teller and Myron Tsosie.