Waymo: Self-Driving Vehicle In Manual Mode At Time Of Crash

Jan 31, 2020

Waymo says one of its self-driving vehicles was operating in manual mode when it was involved in a rear-end collision in a Phoenix suburb and that the crash was caused by reckless driving of the other vehicle. 

Credit Waymo on Facebook

Waymo said the other vehicle erratically swerved, braked aggressively and abruptly slowed before the collision Thursday night in Tempe.

Waymo said its driver tried to avoid a collision but rear-ended the other vehicle. Police said the crash is under investigation and that only Waymo's driver was injured.

Waymo said its driver went to the hospital for neck pain. Waymo is among several companies testing autonomous vehicles in metro Phoenix.

An Uber self-driving vehicle in 2018 hit and killed a pedestrian in Tempe.