Capitol Media Services photo by Howard Fischer

State taxpayers may spend $30 million determine if the federal government is living up to its commitment to secure the border. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains.

Brain Food: 'Musical' No Mas Muertes

Nov 21, 2013
Matt Nelson

No Mas Muertes - or No More Deaths - is an Arizona-based advocacy group that provides humanitarian relief along the U.S.-Mexico border. Since 2004, the group has offered food, water and medical attention to immigrants trying to illegally cross the border from Mexico. And now, the group has a musical component.

Gov Brewer Will Know a Secure Border When She Sees It

Jan 7, 2013

Gov. Jan Brewer can't put a specific definition on what it means to have a secure border. But she said today those living along the boundary with Mexico will know it when it happens.

National Guard to Stay at the Border

Dec 7, 2012

The initial deployment of 12-hundred soldiers in 2010 was supposed to last only a year while the Border Patrol hired and trained staff.

The State Department has renewed its travel warning for Mexico, saying that drug violence there can be a danger to Americans.