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Woman, Daughter Arrested After Dead Body Found in Prescott

Prescott Police Facebook page

Authorities say a dead body found in a Prescott home is believed to be that of a 77-year-old woman and her daughter and granddaughter have been arrested in the case.

Prescott police say 46-year-old Tara Aven and 24-year-old Briar Aven were taken into custody Tuesday but specific charges aren't immediately available.

They say the mother and daughter allegedly cashed numerous monthly payment checks written to Sandra Aven for several years.

Officers received a call Tuesday morning from someone who hadn't seen Sandra Aven for a long time and was concerned.

Tara Aven and her daughter live next door and were questioned about Sandra Aven's whereabouts.

Police say the women provided inconsistent information that caused them to enter Sandra Aven's home.

The body found inside the house hasn't been identified yet.

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