Higher Flows Of River Water Through Grand Canyon Planned

Oct 31, 2016

Glen Canyon Dam and all four jet tubes open releasing water for high-flow experiment - March 5, 2008
Credit US Bureau of Reclamation

The federal Bureau of Reclamation in early November will again increase flows of Colorado River water through the Grand Canyon.

Releases planned Nov. 7-12 from Glen Canyon Dam near Page mimic the river's natural flows and deposit sand to protect archeological sites and create habitat for wildlife and beaches for rafters.

The Bureau of Reclamation says the releases will be the fourth under a protocol approved in 2012.

Officials advise rafters and other recreationists to use caution along the river during the higher flows as the water level rises and then recedes.

The bureau says the higher releases won't change the total amount of water released from Lake Powell to Lake Mead because late releases will be adjusted to compensate for the high volume released during the experiment.