Colorado Plateau

Diane Hope

In recent decades northern leopard frogs have become refugees in their own land.

Zoe Rodriguez

Utah naturalist and writer Terry Tempest Williams will speak at Northern Arizona University tomorrow night. She’s published more than a dozen books about wilderness and its necessity to the human spirit. Her most recent book The Hour of Land chronicles the threats to America’s national parks and public lands. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny spoke with Terry Tempest Williams in advance of her visit to Flagstaff.

Andrey Atuchin, Virginia Tech

The Triassic period was a time of giants on Earth: lumbering reptiles with armored plates, and fifteen-foot-long crocodiles. The fossils of these extinct beasts are preserved in the rainbow-colored rocks of the Petrified Forest National Park in northern Arizona. But the same rocks hold the secrets of tiny creatures too.

Wade Ward, APS

Millions of birds are killed every year by electrical power lines—especially in the wide-open country of the Colorado Plateau where power lines and poles are often all that’s available for birds to nest and roost on.

Earth Notes: Rezcycling

Jul 31, 2019
Jack Pongyesva

There’s  no curbside recycling for the twelve villages that make up the Hopi reservation. That’s mainly because of remoteness and sheer distance from potential buyers of recyclable materials. But, a brother and sister team are trying to change that.