Governor Jan Brewer

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Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is throwing her support behind Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Trump's campaign announced Brewer's endorsement Saturday. In a statement, Brewer called Trump a "Washington outsider" who will follow the people's will. She says Trump would secure the border and defend workers deprived of jobs by people who are in the U.S. illegally.

Trump says Brewer's endorsement is an honor.

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Governor Jan Brewer is headed off to Europe this week in hopes of boosting trade. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports.

The state is headed back to court on the issue of gay rights. But, Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports that this time the issue is not marriage — at least not directly.

Gov. Jan Brewer says state lawmakers should stop fighting public schools in court and come up with the money they are due to compensate them for inflation. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports.

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Governor Jan Brewer said she wants terminally ill patients to be able to use experimental drugs that have not yet been approved by federal agencies. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains.