San Francisco Peaks

The Grand Canyon, San Francisco Peaks, Horseshoe Bend and Sedona's Red Rocks are among six iconic Arizona landscapes that will appear on new signs welcoming visitors to the state. 

Study Looks At Potential For Massive Flooding In Flagstaff

Nov 15, 2019
City of Flagstaff

New modeling shows that a rush of water nearing the flow of the Colorado River could run off a fire-scarred area and flood downtown Flagstaff.

Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

About 30 miles north of Flagstaff sits one of the region’s most magnificent-yet-perplexing geological features. Red Mountain is a cinder cone that formed nearly 750,000 years ago in the San Francisco Volcanic Field. 

Kevin Dahl/National Parks and Conservation Association

Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe. But here on Earth it’s in much shorter supply. As demand has increased, companies have aggressively ramped up helium exploration in the U.S.—including northern Arizona.

The Museum fire north of Flagstaff had grown up to 1800 acres as of Monday night.

Authorities say about two dozen homes are under an evacuation order and thousands of people have been told to prepare to leave the area.  They have been encouraged to pack supplies for three days.

A little rain fell at the fire scene Monday and weather forecasters say more rain is expected in the area later today, but there also could be some gusty winds and that could shift the direction of the blaze.