Self-Driving Cars

Waymo on Facebook

A man described by Waymo as a disgruntled former driver has been arrested on suspicion of deliberately crashing a passenger car into one of the company’s vans with self-driving capabilities. 

Waymo on Facebook

Waymo says one of its self-driving vehicles was operating in manual mode when it was involved in a rear-end collision in a Phoenix suburb and that the crash was caused by reckless driving of the other vehicle. 

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Police in a Phoenix suburb say a Waymo self-driving vehicle was involved in a collision with another vehicle and the driver of the Waymo vehicle was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Tempe Police Department/Associated Press

A new federal report into last year's fatal crash involving a self-driving car in suburban Phoenix says the Uber vehicle couldn't anticipate the actions of jaywalkers.


The National Transportation Safety Board is moving to determine the probable cause of the first fatal crash involving a self-driving vehicle.