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Flagstaff Approves Electric Bicycle Sharing Program

Gotcha Mobility

The Flagstaff City Council has approved a contract to bring a bike sharing program to the city.
250 bikes provided by Gotcha Mobility won't be in the city for at least six months. When they arrive, they will have the option of an electric pedal assist.

They’ll also have a fee for users who don’t return them to docking areas in some parts of town, easing concerns from city council members that downtown would be cluttered with the bikes

Gotcha CEO Sean Flood told the council that its had luck with a $5 fee, though it could increase it if council wants.

"Obviously, those funds come directly to us, so we would benefit from a larger fee, but what we would want to do is educate the public on how to accurately use the system, and not in every community do you want to use the hammer to do that."

Council did ask that a stipulation on how much time Gotcha has to pick up abandoned bikes be added to its contract

The council had discussed the program several times this year. Last month it approved and quickly rescinded a contract

The vote earlier this week was unanimous.

Councilmember Austin Aslan says the program will help relieve traffic congestion, free up parking spaces and encourage healthy living.

The program will be reviewed automatically after six months.

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