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Melissa Sevigny

The Kayenta coal mine in northeastern Arizona shut down last year, along with the power plant it supplied. Coal from that mine used to light up Las Vegas and Los Angeles and supply the electricity to pump water to Phoenix and Tucson. Those cities have been able to turn to other sources of energy. Not so on the Hopi and Navajo Nations. For decades tribal members relied on Kayenta coal to heat their homes, and now it’s their first winter without reliable or affordable fuel. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports on what Hopi community leaders call a devastating crisis.

Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

An eight-person team will hit the water Thursday around midnight in an attempt to break one of the most storied boating records in Grand Canyon lore. They plan to paddle all 277 miles of the Colorado River through the canyon in under 34 hours. The current record was set in 2016 after being held for decades by the crew of a legendary wooden dory called the Emerald Mile. Flagstaff river guide Lyndsay Hupp will embark on tonight’s journey along with members of the U.S. Men’s Whitewater Rafting team. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius spoke with her aboard their boat built specifically for this speed-record attempt.

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Utes have occupied land in the southwest corner of Colorado for centuries. Now their food heritage is sowing seeds of prosperity for members of the Ute Mountain Tribe.

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Flagstaff Police have identified a man who was killed on New Year’s Day after being hit by a train.

Arizona Attorney General's Office

An ophthalmologist and eye surgeon who runs clinics in metro Phoenix and the Prescott area has been arrested after he was indicted for running what the Arizona attorney general calls a years-long billing scheme.